My Thoughts

Sometimes a thought pops into my head and sticks around for a while. It's too long for social media, and way too short for a book, but I want to get it out of my head and into writing somewhere all the same. Well, those little articles or essays live here. There's not too much of a rhyme or reason, but if you're interested in seeing what's going on in my head, here's a little peak. Buckle up!

Rise of the Resistance AGV

Imagineering Part 1: AGV’s and AMR’s

At Disney, creating the themed rides and attractions we all know and love has been a feat of engineering so unique the company has its own name for it: Imagineering. In 1952, Walt Disney founded WED Enterprises (now Walt Disney Imagineering Research & Development, Inc.) to oversee the development of Disneyland. In the decades since, […]

Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics and Biomimicry

For years, Boston Dynamics has been working on “changing your idea of what robots can do.” Their quadruped robot Spot has gone through quite the transformation from what I would consider the stuff of sci-fi horror to what can now only be called lovable. Meanwhile, Atlas is becoming more and more humanoid every day, able to […]