I'm Taylor C. Bailey

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Who Am I?

I'm an automation engineer at West Pharmaceutical Services and author of The Acacia Records (still working on that one). I also love to hunt, camp, mountain bike, and edit videos. This site is just a way to showcase what I'm working on as well as share some of my thoughts on various topics that interest me. Enjoy.

What I'm Working On


I'm an automation engineer who's been in the medical device field since 2018. I used a gear icon here, because I couldn't find a good "drowning in paperwork" icon. While I'd rather be writing fiction, I'm perfectly at home writing machine vision programs or technical documents.


I've been writing The Acacia Records since 2008, but guess what? Now that I don't have the pesky distraction of school, school, and more school, I'm barrelling through the 3rd draft of Book One, and it's coming along quite nicely if I do say so myself. Stay tuned for progress updates.

Video Editing

Let's be honest. I don't have the creative genius to make original content that's worth my time. But if your business needs video, that I can help you with.